Uxbridge Library

My first visit to another library for two years!

As I was in Windsor for a talk, I managed a visit to Uxbridge Library which, for the purposes of this blog, is representing the libraries for the London Borough of Hillingdon. The library is nestled amongst the shops – I initially walked past.

Large children’s library with an impressive tree structure which has lights hanging down giving the impression of hanging fruit.

Uxbridge Library is a large library on five floors. As well as the large entrance area and children’s library, the ground floor has a wide open space where events can be held. There were some Remembrance Day exhibitions in place but parents and babies were appearing for the regular Tiny Tales (rhymetime and storytime combined for the under 5s), which was nice to see.

The building is quite modern with an atrium letting in light in the middle. There are several computer areas, a lift and toilets. Levels 2 and 3 have fiction, whilst 4 and 5 have non-fiction. A guide is pasted onto the pillars making it easy to find your way around. Everything looked in good condition,e.g. the carpet and bookcases. There were further banners, display cases and exhibitions on other floors.

I have not seen “Playaways” before. I get the impression they are little devices with one audio book loaded so you borrow the entire device. I quite like the idea but, obviously because of my age, it just makes me think of walkmans.