Exeter Library


The outside approach to Exeter Library, one of Devon’s largest libraries, is lovely. It is a 1960s buildings that was refurbished between 2013 and 2014 at a cost of £4 million. Now you enter into a welcoming cafe area. The colour scheme is quite grey, white and turquoise.

The library building was on three floors but most of the library activity was on the ground floor.  There were lots of staff around.

There was an interesting listening booth in the left photo that my daughters tried out. Lovely view from the seating area on the right.

Bustling children’s library. They run FabLab Maker Spaces, Bounce and Rhymes and story clubs,  they have code clubs, raspberry jams, and computer clubs and gadget days for people who need help with their devices.

There were little exhibition cabinets dotted around. I loved the old dummy waiter style book lift still on display – no idea if it still in use. There was also a Business and Information Skills and IP Centre.

The opening hours are good, open until 6pm or 7pm on weekdays and even open four hours on a Sunday.