Bournemouth Library


Whilst at a conference in Bournemouth (June 2019) I had the opportunity to visit the library there.

It is a large building however, the upside down pink house that was outside really draws the attention! Apparently you could go in and take your picture in the upside house (for a fee).


The library shares the building with some other council services and shop units so the library is mainly on the first floor. Inside it is a large building with a lovely feeling of space even though it was full of books and people. The walls and carpet are very blue, the bookcases are wooden and on wheels.

There were pockets of study spaces and readers at the desks along the walls by the windows.

There was a vast music section with a dedicated music enquiry desk. There was a quiet zone, meeting suite, sitting area and local and family history sections. Interestingly there was a wall of trees – which I presume were fake – and must be there to softly divide up an area.

There were cases dotted around displaying collections, such as this crockery one, and a small D-Day exhibition.

Generally a very nice atmosphere and welcoming library.